TEAM 2017 l 2018



3rd year Bachelor Student


Avans University of Applied Sciences

My name is Damian Didier van der Velden, I was born on the ninth of February in the Dutch city Helmond, from there I moved to the city Tiel. This is where I finished my secondary general diploma.


In 2015 I started studying for the build environment at the AVANS University of applied sciences in s’Hertogenbosch. After successfully completing my propaedeutic diploma within my first year I am now in the middle of my second year at AVANS. I have had a small internship in the Netherlands for ten weeks, but this is nothing in comparison to the internship I am about to do in early August. The fact that I have never done anything like this doesn’t mean that I am going to have a passive role in this project, I honestly believe that this new environment will push me to grow and learn and above all produce a great end product. I am not saying it won’t be a challenge for me but that is one of the aspects that drove me to participate in this internship.



3rd year Bachelor Student


Avans University of Applied Sciences

Hello everyone, my name is Atdhe Lila. I am an eighteen-year-old boy and was born in a small town called Tiel. I am a student of engineering, at Avans University of Applied Sciences and I am about to go on a big adventure. I will tell you more about that later on.

When I was a little kid, I always dreamt of working in the Built Environment. Therefore, I only liked technical subjects in secondary general school and was very negligent with other school subjects. It was a big relief that I obtained my final school diploma, because then I was able to focus on my dream of becoming an engineer in the Built Environment.

Another dream I always had, was to visit countries across the world. This internship is the beginning of my big dream. I am very lucky and grateful that this opportunity has crossed my path. This is not an ordinary trip or internship, but a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY for me to achieve my dream of becoming a versatile engineer by helping other people achieve their dreams! I cannot wait to go to Kenya and, to push my engineering skills to the limit to fulfill the wishes of a Kenyan family as well as possible.



3rd year Bachelor Student


Avans University of Applied Sciences

Hi, my name is Pelle Rademakers. I was born and raised in Eindhoven. Last year I moved to Tilburg where I am studying architecture at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Since I was young I have always been interested in creating and drawing. I find it interesting to see the diversity of the different buildings within a city. It fascinates me how and why different design choices are made. I noticed that I have always had an opinion towards different buildings, I like or dislike the way they look. This has led to my passion for architecture. During an architectural course at ‘het Novalis College’ I knew for sure, architecture was the way to go.

‘Het Novalis College’ is a Waldorf School; this means that in addition to all the regular courses they have some additional lessons to help you develop a wider artistic and scientific way of thinking. At this school, I graduated and got my Senior General Secondary Education degree. I feel that this learning method has had a great influence on the person I have become and gave me a better perspective of the person I wanted to be.

Trying to discover and understand new things is something that motivates me every day. It’s also the main reason why I love to travel and explore the world. When I heard, I could go to Kenya for my internship I was excited. To be taken out of my comfort zone will bring allot of new opportunities. I’m excited to develop myself further and help other people while doing so.



3rd year Bachelor Student


Avans University of Applied Sciences

Hello! My name is Maud van Dijck, a 21 years old Dutchy living in Asten, where I grew up with my father, mother and brother.


After finishing secondary general in my hometown, I moved to Tilburg, where I am currently studying engineering at Avans University of Applied Science. During my second year I heard about the project and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. I think that to participate in a social work, in a project like this, is the best way to do something that fits to me and offers the opportunity to do something back for humanity. I feel the need to grow as a person, enriching my culture, language and learning from people that are working right in what I’m interested in. Moreover, the opportunity of a project abroad in Kenya will provide me with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and multicultural perspective


Graduated Architect

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Despoina is a candidate at Postgraduate Program of Studies in Landscape Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th), Greece. And her thesis focuses on refugees sheltering projects and the connection of the refugee camps with the local communities. She is graduate of the Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Environment, A.U.Th, with focus on Horticulture and Viticulture and main specialization in Floriculture and Landscape Architecture. Her thesis examined the streams and rivers in urban and suburban environment, technical flood control projects, while her applied research focused on sustainable design in the landscape of the regional canal in Thessaloniki. She was an intern at the Aristotle University Farm. She participated in many conferences and workshops, including ECOWEEK in London, Thessaloniki, Prishtina, Crete and she was an active member of the ECOWEEK Greenhouse in Thessaloniki in 2012. Since 2015 Despoina is the head organized and coordinator of ECOWEEK in Greece and the coordinator and assistant of a series of ECOWEEK events abroad. Recently she was participating as a workshop leader in Greece and abroad.

Participating in Kenya is an exciting and a challenging project, not only because it will be on a different continent but also it will give us the opportunity to share amazing ideas, to help people, to focus on their actual needs and to make a real impact on the local community.

Can’t wait to meet all of you!


Dear Studio members and friends,

I believe that for young architects like me these experiences are absolutely necessary to broaden our vision and create an understanding of what our targets should be. I am sure that our contribution will be appreciated and inspiring, leading to a turning point and a positive impact in the community and architecture, for a quality and healthy living environments. Having the chance to be part of a team of difference makers is as challenging as important, shaping our experience and passion into a change making force. It is a chance to help families to create new cycles filled with possibilities and progress. As a young architect I feel the need to raise the voices of poverty, use my skills to create opportunity, to create better places and search for the beauty of equality and sustainability. Looking forward to meet wonderful people in Kenya and work with them and other great architects like Michiel and the team.




Master Student


University of Leuven



Graduated Architect

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology

I am a recent Architecture Graduate from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. An architecture and design enthusiast. The Rural Housing Studio project provides an opportunity for me to broaden my perspective and experience in the Architectural world. This is an exciting and eye-opening experience away from our comfort zones as young architects where we get the chance to design and investigate the social impact associated with design in the built environment. It provides an opportunity to interact and learn in a diverse multicultural environment as we set out to achieve a common goal. I’m grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to this unique experience.



Graduated Architect

Eindhoven University of Technology

As an Architect I'm mainly concerned on how to 'make' architecture. I care about the materials used to achieve your goals with architecture and I carefully study the way how to apply them. I believe the best way of designing architecture contains a 'hands-on' design process. Therefor I'm very happy to participate in this research. Exchanging knowledge through making something together is real sustainable development.

As a person I travelled a lot, experienced different cultures, climates and societies. I've seen many places that could use my service, but I never acted. This will be the first time I'm going to implement my knowledge of Architecture and building to contribute to development, though I always dreamed of using my knowledge and skills for this kind of purpose.

Thank you for inviting me to this team of cosmopolitan do-gooders, I'm honoured to work with all of you