"With your financial support we are able to send  students and engineers to the remotest rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa where help is most needed."



T.n.v.:Foundation Elimu Mount Elgon

O.v.v.: The Rural Housing Studio

Reinier de Graafstraat 3

5017 GP Tilburg

The Netherlands


Triodos Bank:

  NL71 TRIO 0198 1068 07 


For Donation

Dear Friends of The Rural Housing Studio,

For the past months we have worked hard to help four local families and their community to construct new houses. Based on the research outcomes of the 2017-2018 studio we are happy to announce that we will continue the studio next year! As you might already know the studio runs on 100% volunteers and generous beneficiaries like Elimu Mount Elgon Foundation. 

To be able to finish our project and start the next studio we need your help!


Your donations will help to continue our research which advises and trains rural communities how they can build improved housing by themselves. Elimu has offered their infrastructure to gather the crutcial funds via their account. Elimu has an ANBI status so your generous donations will be tax deductible in The Netherlands. When you donate please make sure your mention that the donation is ment for The Rural Housing Studio.


Thank you for following us and we hope we can count on your support!


Warm Greetings,

The Rural Housing Studio Team

We have to thank the director of the video, Thanasis Kafetzis and Kolida Babo for the music!

Contact with us here to learn more details!