"Thank you, Support Kitale (SOK) foundation"

The foundation SOK was founded in 1997 with the aim of supporting the medical projects of Dutch tropics doctor Bea Andersen-Schipper in Chepchoina, West Kenya with money and goods.


In 2006, these medical activities were housed in the locally-established Mount Elgon Trust, headed by Bea Andersen - Schipper, and aimed to significantly increase the living standard of the population in the region. The UN Millennium Development Goals serve as a guideline. Our sister foundation Elimu Mount Elgon focuses on the Trust's education projects.


Over the years, the SOK has developed into a foundation with a growing group of donors from across the country, with a board of volunteers. Thus virtually all the money obtained is immediately available for the projects. More about the projects can be found under the heading 'Projects and Facilities'.


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