"Thank you, Elimu Mount Elgon foundation"

We want to thank the Elimu Mount Elgon foundation for their extremely generous donation to our studio. For years they have been a major support and contributor to both the research on Mt. Elgon and ongoing PhD research in The Netherlands. We would like to take the liberty to thank all the volunteers of the Elimu Mount Elgon foundation and Tante Pollewop for their moral and financial support.


On October 16th, the Elimu Mount Elgon Foundation in Tilburg celebrated its 10th anniversary. In those 10 years many unique developments have taken place in Chepchoina, a region in northwest Kenya. Developments varying from a kindergarten to a high school and trade school. Currently, each year, 6568 children attend these schools. Food-supply programs have been started, schooling materials have been made available and there is a school bus available to pick-up the children. Various projects have led to major improvements. Nowadays there are water tanks, sanitary buildings, solar installations, 28 classrooms, computers and a library. There is even a project to ensure that the girls have washable sanitary means during their menstruation period so that they do not need to stay home a whole week every month, All of this, yet also much more, has been made possible by the establishment of the Mount Elgon Trust, which is managed by Bob and Bea Andersen whom both work and live in Kenya. The activities of the Trust have led to a huge improvement in the living standards and outlook for the local population in this remote corner of Kenya. The Trust, the family business, Elimu and its other partners have invested already more than 5 million euro’s in the development. Therefore, it is an excellent example of a successful cooperation between private parties and non-profit organizations.