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Dear Followers & Sponsors,

After years of preparations, hard work, blood, sweat and tears the first edition of the Rural Housing Studio has come to an end! The organizing team needed some time to adjust back to Dutch life, especially considering the fact that work started two days after our return. With almost a month behind us we can now say we have the time to look back at what has passed!

As you might know every team took one picture of every day they were working in the field in Kenya. For some of the teams this meant we have 24.000 pictures of only this TimeLapse observation. This data was meant to keep you as followers up to date (every month) however we had to conclude it was impossible for teams not to see each others progress. Sharing this information potentially threatened the outcomes and therefore we decided to wait untill the end.

For this reason we start this farewell round in the upcoming days chronologically by Team 1. This teams consisting of: Argjira and Pelle, was able to help their family construct a new house based on the capacities they have (tools, materials, knowledge and skills). Through an extensive analysis they articulated an improved new way of building a low cost (€300,-) house. Through trainings they exchanged knowledge on this new building technology (adobe) to the family enabling them to maintain, extend or duplicate the house without foreign aid (us).

Dear Team,

thank you for your huge sacrifice and an amazing result! We wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you soon!

Dear followers,

in the upcoming days you can expect a new overview each day of another team aka: The Rural Housing Studio Marathon!

Team 1 l Research Phase

Team 1 l Construction Phase

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