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As announced The Rural Housing Studio has a farewell round in the upcoming days. Today it is the turn of Team 2! This teams consisting of: Jackson and Maud, was able to help their family construct parts of a new house based on the capacities they have (tools, materials, knowledge and skills). Due to problems with the first family they sadly had to abandon the family and continue with a new one after months of hard work. With the new family they found a more then willing family to help build a new house with the time which was left. Through an extensive analysis they articulated an improved new way of building a low cost house. Through trainings they exchanged knowledge on this new building technology (adobe) to the family enabling them to maintain, extend or duplicate the house without foreign aid (us).

Dear Team,

we all know that you had the most challenges down the road. Jackson you have been an tremendous important factor in the success of the studio. Your calmness, kindness and relentless perseverance has been a blessing to us all. Thank you and Maud for your huge sacrifice and an amazing result! We wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you soon!

Team 2 l Building Phase l Family 1

Team 2 l Building Phase l Family 2

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