#Week 21 l Team 4: Every journey comes to an end

Every journey comes to an end, so for us this rollercoaster ride has come to its end. We hammered the last nail in the house of Icarus and congratulated him with his brand new house. With a lot of ups and downs we managed to provide a good shelter for the family and we became a really good team.

For Christmas we went to Mt Elgon national park and had a nice barbeque and drinks around a bonfire. The next day we went for a hike up Mt Elgon and managed to reach the top (4222m). Christmas night was actually the last night that the rural Housing family would be complete, because the next day was the day that Argjire said goodbye to the family.

For new year’s eve we went to JJ’s place (The main Guesthouse) to relax and enjoy the majority of the group being together, because after the new year Corne, Damian and Pelle planned to leave too.

The last day of Atdhe 13th of January on Mt Elgon we went to the family to say goodbye, but then there were over 100 people partying and singing in the house of Icarus. It was a big blessing ceremony for the new house, with a lot of people. It was nice and satisfying to see so many people being happy about our achievement, a nice way to end the project.

Every journey comes to an end, just like the crazy experience, the weekly updates and this weekly update too.

Thanks for following team IV via this blog!

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