#Week 21 l Team 2: A new beginning for their family

This is the end for us, moreover it is the beginning for our family.

In our last week we were unfortunate not able to finish what we had in mind. The school fees for the 2 youngest children of Philip and Evelyne need to be payed before the 14th of January. Luckily Philip is honest with us, so we feel sad for not finishing what we had in mind, moreover we are glad that this man is honest with us.

Adobe bricks with their mold

On Wednesday the hard-core comes in. This day Maud is gone to Eldoret to extend her visa, so Jackson and Robbert start laying the hardcore on the maram levelled floor they layed the day before. During the morning Despoina comes in to help them and at around 2 o’ clock Maud is back also. We work a hour, where we call it a day because Jackson needs his stitches removed in the hospital. A few days ago he fell and cut his elbow.

On Thursday we come back with a nice surprise. Philip has finished the hardcore. He did not put the small pieces of rock back yet. However we are very glad that this family is so helpful. Where the man finish the hardcore layer, Maud makes some extra bricks. Unfortunattely this is Jackson’s last day.

I speak out of the ground of my hearth saying it was a blast working with Jackson. I have to say we had our ups and downs, however we managed to work hard together and luckily in the end we still got a nice closure for the project. In the end we say our goodbyes and a good luck for his exam on Saturday. Before I fly home we will meet again.

On Friday and Saturday work goes on for me. It is quite a different experience being alone on site without Jackson. However we manage to level the second part of the trenches and on Saturday we pour the concrete. In the afternoon I make a testwall of the bricks to Philip and his worker can see what the plans are and we are able to test the mortor.

Maud en Philip pouring concrete

The main purpose of the support tool was to teach the community how to build a house, so when we are gone they can continue. To make this happen I wrote a book for the family, a step by step guide for finishing the house. Now it is their job, to contain working and build their beautiful home.

Philip, Evelyne and Mirjam standing behind the test wall

Conclusion: We started off as a great team, unfortunate with bad conditions when it comes to the family, until we had to decide to drop them. Luckily that was the moment Philip and his family came in. We not only got a second chance, we got a nice family with it to. Their hospitality made this experience great in the end and for me it was also a turn from negative to positive.

Thankyou Rural Housing Studio for this great experience! Lets hope that our family finishes their house, so we can show the world what a great job we all did. It was a blast!

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