#Week 20 l Team 3: The last story of their adventures

This will be the last short story about the adventures of team III during the Rural housing project in Trans Nzoia Kenya. I would have wanted this last week to end with substantial progress on the project, but this has not been the case. This last week we have ground to a halt, due to lack of materials.

Being “stuck” gave us the opportunity to work on some office work that had to be finished, and we had time to properly round up our work, to make sure that the family can finish their house without further help from us.

This week we would abandon 2017 and enter 2018. Although it felt weird to not spend this time with my family and friends, I was still able to celebrate with my Rural housing family. This bunch of misfits has given us company and support for the past 5 months and we have grown very close to each other. Our new year’s eve party at our good friend JJ might not have been as big as at home, but it was definitely just as or maybe even more special.

After new year’s eve our days would be numbered, Corné had to say goodbye at the first of January as he would leave with one of the farm trucks, so I would be left alone until the third of January to say goodbye to the family we worked for, the friends we have made and the life we have built.

After finally having said goodbye to everyone it was time for me and Pelle to leave on our journey to Nairobi, where I would get on the airplane towards home and he would be able to go and enjoy his safari. However, Kenya wouldn’t be Kenya if there would be yet another challenge to overcome. Arriving at the easy coach bus stop we received the notice that there was no bus for us to embark, because our bus had taken the people that were stuck due to the ban of night travel with coach busses. Pelle did not take this lightly and demanded them to give us an alternative way to reach Nairobi, without effect. After having looked at other means of public transport, which were fully packed because of the chaos, we decided to stick to our friend Francis. This would mean that we would have to pay almost ten times as much to get to Nairobi…

This decision might have been a very expensive one, but the luxury was very welcome after this major let-down of today. We are on our way to Nairobi as I am writing and I will soon start my journey to the Netherlands to end this amazing adventure, here in Kenya. I have learned a huge amount in both my professional field as in my personality, we have met a lot of amazing people and I will without a doubt look back at this adventure with a smile on my face…

#week20 #team3

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