#Week 20 l Team 1: Back to work after Christmas celebration

The last week is here! After allot of sweat, challenges and allot of fun we had our last building week. When we look back on the whole experience now it has been really nice. While maybe some weeks where really mentally and physically difficult at the end it was all worth it. But before we say goodbye let me tell you about our last week.

On Monday, we celebrated Christmas with the whole team and Bea with her son and daughter. We went to Mount Elgon National park to stay there a night. In the morning we hopped in the back of the land cruiser and went to the park. It was quite fun to be in the back of the land cruiser. And we arrived all orange at the national park. Here we had a really nice lunch with the leftover of Bob and Bea’s Christmas diner. It was really nice. We stayed in little lodges that where surprisingly good.

After the lunch we went into the park to see some of the caves. Because Mt. Elgon used to be a volcano it still had big magma tubes through the rock. We also saw allot of monkeys but sadly no elephants. It was nice to have a little hike trough the park and after exploring some sites we went back to the lodge. Bea and Bob had to fly to the coast the next morning so they left early. In the evening we had a little party with a proper BBQ. We had a really nice goat and some vegetables. That night was the last night that the whole team would be together because soon people needed to travel home. Also, it was the last night with Argjire. We had great fun together and I personally think we made a really nice rural dwelling. After Christmas there wasn’t that much time left so the project slowly came to an end.

After a nice 4 hours of sleep we got into the land cruiser at 6 am to hike up mount Elgon. After 1,5 hours of driving we arrived at the end of the road. Here we would hike up the mountain. After an exhausting but really fun and beautiful 3 hours (a new farm record) we climbed all the way to 2522m altitude. Here we could experience on of the best views I’ve ever seen. After hiking back for another 2 hours we got back into the land cruiser to head home. After the really beautiful but exhausting hike the land cruiser became way less funny. Because there was a riot in Mowlem we needed to take another road. This road was really bad and we arrived after a whole day of driving at the house. Because nobody really slept was the whole team broken.

On Wednesday, we had to work again. It was quite strange to go to the field after the 3 days off. Atdhe was also there, because he already finished the house he could help us putting in the last steps of the house. Together we made the whole floor, chimney and plastered the shower in one day. It was really nice to make so much progress in one day. There was all of a sudden still a change that we would finish the whole roof. Sadly the timber or the mabati never arrived and after that day we couldn’t do anything anymore. But there are only so much things you can do but if the family doesn’t provide the materials you’re stuck.

We ended the year at JJ’s house here everybody brought some self-made dishes. And we had a proper pork leg roasted on the BBQ. We had a fun night with everybody and before we knew it, it was 2018. What flew the time by.

Team one still wishes everybody happy holidays and a good 2018!

It was a fun journey and now it all came to an end.

Have a good one.

Team 1

#week20 #team1

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