#Week 19 l Team 4: Almost there!

This week had started with a very good feeling that the house would be finished before Christmas.

Since the previous Saturday we had finished with the construction of the ring beam, on Monday we continued by applying the next 2 layers of bricks above the ring beam. This gave us the opportunity to create a special technique on the indoor walls, which would allow air and light to enter into the rooms.

On Tuesday, we had decided to apply the wall plate and to start all the preparations for the roof. Atdhe had been working on the trusses since Monday, trying to prefabricate them so the roof wouldn’t take us that long. Unfortunately, some delays on the delivery of the wood both for the wall plane and also for the runners didn’t allow us to proceed on this step, but this gave us the opportunity to work all together on the prefabrication of the trusses. Seriously, they looked amazing. So, we spent both Monday and Tuesday on preparing the roof. Tuesday was also a big day for the group and especially for Despoina, as Thanasis was arriving once again. Unfortunately, he was quite unlucky as his luggages were lost and he missed his flight from Nairobi to Kitale. But in the end it all went well.

On Wednesday, our first steps on the construction of the roof was a reality. Big moments! We couldn’t believe our eyes. The house was on the right way and it seemed much bigger. Our special technique on the trusses seemed quite amazing.

On Thursday and due to delays on the delivery of the wood for the runners we had decided to back fill all the gaps of the trusses with bricks. The day was quite relaxing and Thanasis followed us, taking us a huge interview in order to track all of our decisions, steps and thoughts. It was really nice talking to a different person for the project after a long time.

Friday and Saturday were the days of applying the runners and the iron sheets. Unfortunately, Despoina missed all the fun as she had a bacteria infection and had to stay at the hospital both of the days. Unluckily, the house couldn’t be ready before Christmas. The welder was quite busy with other projects and we also missed some parts of the ridges. On Next Friday, everything will be done.

On Saturday, and after a cocktail of injections, Despoina joined once again the group. Maud had also her birthday and she planned a party at the house. Some of our friends also joined us. A fire was set up and the atmosphere was amazing.

On Sunday and due to the fact that we had decided to exchange gifts for Christmas all the groups headed up to Kitale in order to buy the Secret Santa gifts. We also had the chance to go to a swimming pool for a refreshing time on this hot weather. It didn’t feel like Christmas period at all. Argjira, picked up one of her friends who arrived in order to join us for the Christmas day. The evening was quite sentimental as we all exchanged our special gifts and cards. Argjira had also to prepare her luggages as she was leaving on Tuesday. It felt so weird after such a long time living all together. We will definitely miss her.

The week starts with Christmas celebrations and a lot of work to do.

Till next week,


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