#Week 19 l Team 2: Finally we can say we are back in the game!

Last week on Sunday we shortly met the family, where they explained us their wishes and demands and also gave us a budget to think about.

So the next couple of days we were thinking about how the design would look like and which building method we are going to use. On Thursday Maud draw the design in sketch up so we could show our idea, a house made out of a pad foundation with a wooden column structure and a thatched roof, to the family.

On Friday we met the family and showed them our design. Luckily they were very happy and just gave us a few comments on what they wanted differently. Only the thatched roof is not a option so we are going to use iron sheets instead.

On Saturday we start early digging after quite a long discussion about the foundation. Philip, the father of the family is after all not sure about the pad foundation and would like a strip foundation. They have seen it on other houses build in the area and want to go for a safer option. They even promise us to finish up before we come back after Christmas.

So what a chance, to have a family who appreciates your work and offer to help wherever needed. Finally we have a good thing going on and we are very excited to work on their site for the next couple of weeks.

On Sunday we close the week with the all group, spending the day in Kitale.

#team2 #week19 #building

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