#Week 19 l Team 1: Chimney and Furnace are the new additions to the house

The second last building week is there and we made allot of progress. We started this week this week with only half of our team. Pelle was sick so Argjire had to manage the building site on her own. Luckily after a day and some medication Pelle could work again. And we still managed to do our courses.

For the next couple days we continued with the brick laying and masonry work. We went pretty fast and we managed to do 3 courses almost everyday, the building was shooting up. Only when we did the last couple courses it was quite difficult because we didn’t have a scaffolding so you couldn’t really see what we where doing.

On Saturday, we started with the masonry work for the furnace and chimney. We made three arches and after drying we now can work on the chimney. It looked quite nice and it nice to see that our bricks are good enough to make such a thing.

We ended the week with taking our two best guys to a pool in Kitale. Some other teams also joined and it was really nice to be able to swim in a pool for the first time in 4 months.

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