#Week 18 l Team 4: It’s LEGO time!

On Monday, we continued working with the construction of the walls. These walls were going so fast. It was the 3rd day building them and we had almost finished with them. 4 more layers and then the ringbeam will be a reality.

On Tuesday, we finished the walls. There were so many hands helping us. Michiel and Beata also joined us, brought us chai and mandazi and a speaker to listen some nice music. In the evening we had started preparing for the construction of the ring beam. Since we were missing some of the materials we had decided to go to Kitale the next day.

On Wednesday, it was a quite busy day. We had decided to buy the rest of materials including the wood for the roof. We found some difficulties with the wood but Icarus managed to get all the pieces. Our plan to finish the house before Christmas was on a really good way.

Before the casting of the ringbeam we had to prepare all the wires and steel. What a hard job to do. We knew that the ring beam won’t be a funny job to do. The whole day passed by connecting the pieces.

So, on Friday and Saturday we continued working with the casting of the ring beam. We were supposed to finish it on Friday but unfortunately, we were missing some of the wood for the casting and also the higher you go on the construction the slower it goes. On Friday evening we returned home quite early so we decided to help Jackson and Maud with the construction of the floor slab for an interlocking brick machine.

On Saturday evening and since Veronica wasn’t around and no one had cooked supper we all went to the Blue Hotel to have dinner. After that we had some drinks on the local bar with our friends from the community.

Sunday was a quite relaxing day. Adthe and Jackson rented a motorbike and went to Uganda while Despoina and Maud went to the tailor to make some nice clothes.

A new week starts and we can’t wait to continue with the construction and especially the roof.

Till next week,

Team IV

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