Week 18 l Team 1: A lot of impressed visitors on the building site

This week we made allot of visible progress. It was an exciting week with allot of people visiting our building site.

On Monday, we finally finished the whole foundation. Because we made the foundation with only local rocks was it a quite difficult and long task to make it into a proper foundation. But now the foundation is finished and it turned out really good. The next day we could finally start with the masonry work of the wall. The first row still took a long time because even when the foundation was finished it still took some extra effort to make it all strong en straight. Also it was very hot that day and because we didn’t have any shade on site this took allot of energy.

On Wednesday, we continued with our masonry work. Because Musa was planting Tomatoes we didn’t have our full team on the site. We managed to do our second course. And it was great to see the building getting shape but it was only progressing really slow.

Thursday, we finally had our full workforce again and Michiel joined to help us. With all the people around it went much faster. We managed to do 3 backbreaking courses and where at the end of the day at a nice working level. The rest of the week we managed to continue with 3 courses a day. Now the house is becoming real we got allot of communal interest. Everybody likes the building and wants one for their own. So hopefully our guys can start a business. The rest of the week we just continued with the masonry work and the house is really getting his shape.

Talk to you guys next week!

Team 1

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