#Week 17 l Team 4: The waiting is over after a donation

5 December Sinterklaas, damn we got a lot of presents on that day, Atdhe talked with Kwadraat Bouw about the progress and the fact that we hat to halt the construction for two weeks. After hearing this Kwadraat Bouw decided to make a huge donation that would result in the continuation of the construction. The waiting was finally over. Besides that the students of The Rural Housing Studio got in to the last five of the selections of the student of the year at Avans, we now have to wait and see if the students will actually get chosen as student of the year. Even Michiel (as Sinterklaas) and Beata (as Kung-Fu Piet).

So after we overcame the funding obstacle we decided to wake up at 3 AM to go to Kapoi To pick bricks for 12 hours straight. It was not easy to choose every brick separately at 4 o’clock in the morning, but fueled with our new healthy prospect we managed to do it.

The day after picking the bricks, we directly continued with the masonry and from that point it went quick, really quick. From this point the family got more supportive. For a family without build experience, it is hard to see the importance of foundation work. But since the masonry started the family really started to believe in the project, they were witnessing their house getting shape four layers per day. The house starts looking bigger when the walls are up.

After two days of construction we managed to get 8 layers, so it is going really fast, it actually looks like we are going to finish the house before Christmas. So a nice week for Team IV with a lot of progress.

#week17 #team4

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