#Week 17 l Team 3: A beneficial work both for the family and the team

At this moment we’re focussing fully on the realisation of the project. And the workload is taking its toll on us. Damian got sick for a couple of days and Corné took one day off this week. Building a house without any machinery and only our own hands and primitive tools is physically demanding.

Our task as researchers should be our main concern and therefor we can use these ‘lost’ days to transcribe our findings into detailed schemes. In these schemes we try to monitor the actual knowledge transfer that is taking place during the realisation of the building. Our main concern should be a knowledge transfer from us to the family members and secondary from the family members to the community members. The goal would be that these people should be able to reproduce the building after we’re gone in the beginning of January.

But also we’re learning a lot about the local way of building through our Fundi’s. These are the skilled labourers that we hire for the crafty work. For instance the way of measuring with these primitive tools or lie the natural stones of the foundation is explained to us. It is fun and heavy work, but knowledge is exchanged in all directions. We believe this project is benefitting all of us.

The process of the building is coming along quiet well. It is going much slower than expected, but we’re rolling steadily ahead. Currently the floors are being laid. Soon we will be starting with the adobe walls but we weren’t able to finish all our adobes yet. On top of that Cleophas ordered different sand, which consists of a much smaller grain than the one we used before. This causes the adobes to crack. Yet another problem to overcome..

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