#Week 17 l Team 2: Some hindrances to their progress but they continue the great job

Monday l The first day of the week we start levelling the foundation slab. We make sure every bump is cleared out, so we can pour the concrete slab tomorrow.

Tuesday l Finally we can move forward and start pouring the concrete slab. Because of the lack of employees and material we can only do the half today and we will pour the other half tomorrow.

Wednesday l So as told we pour the second half of the foundation slab today. After finishing up we let it rest for a couple of days. Because Cleophas is still not around we decide to go home early.

Thursday l Today we don’t have anything to do, we only go to the site in the morning and evening to keep the concrete hydrated.

Friday l Again we only go to the site in the morning and evening to pour water on the conctrete to keep it hydrated. Again Cleophas is not around and we are getting a bit frustrated about it. Eventually we can get a hold of him and he arranged a skilled employee for building the foundation wall tomorrow.

Saturday l Finally we can start the second phase of the foundation, the wall. We use bick unshaped nature stones to do the masonry. Unfortunattely the employe who Cleophas arranged did not show up so we don’t have any material. Luckily Moses “the manager” arranged us some tools.

Patrick one of the employes working on the masonry

However during the day Moses gets into a fight with Cleophas and leaves with the tools he provided us, so we stranded again.

Sunday l The students make a movie for the magazine of Avans, because they have a chance to become best students of the year. Everybody end the night early with some fries and movies.

#week17 #team2

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