#Week 17 l Team 1: Happy with community's reception of their project

Dear everyone,

these are the last weeks working in Kenya to build the house and we are giving our best effort and expertise to train the community about building techniques and building the house together. The best thing is that everyday there are a lot of people interested to gain knowledge from us which makes us feel very happy of having a chance to help them. And, the best thing is that some of them are also planning to build their own houses in the same way we are doing it now, let’s hope that if we would ever come back we would see our building typology everywhere.

We already finished the foundation and started with building the walls. After we got all the stones from the street we did an 80 cm foundation, 40 centimeters deep and 40 up. The way of working with all natural stones is like solving a puzzle, you have to connect the stones piece by piece with each other until you finish the whole foundation. In the end we were really happy with the results. As a mortar we used is made of soil mixed with water.

After finishing the first layer we covered it with soil and made a straight wall to be prepared to put our blocks. But, before we did that we also levellized the floor. Our floor will be 10 cm of natural/local soil, which we already finished during this week, and the top 5 cm will be a mixture of local soil and sand 50 %, wood chips 45 % and cement 5%, which we decided to put it in later.

On our only day off, Sunday, we are mostly spending at home, recovering from all the hard work and it is a great time to spend with other housemates by cooking all together, drinking some beers and sharing our stories of the week.

Till next week, hugs from Team 1

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