#Week 16 l Team 4: knew that this project would be a roller-coaster !

Since the previous week we run out of money, this week were also stayed out of the construction. We had to wait for the family’s loan to come.

It was a very long week. We actually spent it by watching movies, cleaning the house, cooking and trying to plan our next steps.

We decided to continue by prefabricating the roof so when the rest of the funds will appear we won’t need to spend more days by preparing the roof. In that way, we save time and money. So, we tried to figure out from where we should buy the wood as the most suppliers sell mostly wet wood after cutting down the trees.

Saturday was an amazing day! After staying 4 days at the house and being totally bored, we were invited to Andy’s place for a Christmas lunch. The weather is so warm that it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. In the evening we decided to visit the local bar. What an experience! So weird and fantastic at the same time.

Sunday was a quite lazy day! Despoina and Maud visited the local market and Adthe and Pelle had a nice walk to the nearest cliff where someone can enjoy the amazing view.

We can’t wait for Monday to come as Icarus informed us that we can go at Kitale and order the rest of the materials.

Let’s see.

Till next week,


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