#Week 16 l Team 3: Still a lot of work to do but days are passing by with a lot of fun and progress

We reached our third building week as we realize how much work is actually ahead of us. We are slowly losing grip on the planning and falling behind, but that doesn’t mean we are not having less fun. Our team was reinforced by some people who actually know how to build in this type of environment. Their names are Charles and David, Charles did some projects for the farm with Michiel so we know that he knows what he is capable of.

Charles and David taught us how to do masonry work during the past week, and with this knowledge we continued to finish the foundation. We thought. The week flew by and we did not manage to finish the foundation. We were able to make some progression on the brick making. We now pushed past the halfway point, and we have produced 1800 bricks so far. But the past week we had a couple of mutilated bricks, due to the family’s little rascal.

But like every construction worker we live towards the weekend, and we promised our fundi’s (workers) to go to the local bar Homeboyz. A busy Saturday it was, because we had a double appointment. This was the last weekend most of us could share with family Dean (Katey and Andy). So we attended their farewell party during the afternoon, where we met a couple of farm-workers. With these farmworkers we decided to still go to Homeboyz where we would have an epic night out. A night out we deserved…

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