#Week 16 l Team 2: is making progress although they are facing some problems

Monday l We are so lucky, today we meet Anton, the guy, who delivers the interlocking bricks making machine and stays with us till the end. It was a very long day, but we are more than excited about the bricks. They are really strong and we can’t wait how they will look like in the end.

The first day working with the team on the machine

Tuesday l Second day, another really long day in the field, we start at 7.00 and with a big team we start making blocks again. We are working with only volunteers so we ask our family lunch for all the guys, it is the least they can do. Unfortunately lunch comes in at 15.00h. The first cracks in the collaboration between Anton and Cleophas are beginning. Because not only lunch was arranged wrong, we also again got only 1 bag of cement so we could not make the amount of blocks we would like. Because of this first cracks there is a discussion in the evening between us, Cleophas and Anton. With some new arrangements we go home at 21.00h and hopefully the promises of Cleophas will work out.

Wednseday l Again we start early at seven, unfortunately there is no cement, so after some tiring hours trying to reach Cleophas we close up early. Jackson stays a bit long in the field to discuss the situation with Anton, who is losing his patient.

Thursday l Again we start early at seven and luckily we already have 2 bags of cement. So we start full of hope with making bricks. Because you should be able to make 100-150 bricks out of one cement bag we change the ration. This day we make around 200 blocks, unfortunately we had to stop at this amount because we don’t have any cement left, so we clean up the machine and go looking for Cleophas again, where we have to wait on him for quite some time.

Friday l Today we have help from Michiel and Beata, soon they notice how Cleophas is handeling the situation. Michiel is tells Cleophas about his commitment to the project and should be around more. It looks that he is trying, unfortunately in the afternoon he is gone again. However we had a nice day making 250 bricks and some nice music during the day by our DJ Beata. At the end of the working day there is again a disagreement between Anton and Cleophas, this time they can’t agree on the price.

Saturday l Also today we start at 7.00, where we find the machine broken. So we bring the machine to the welder, unforutnattely the electricity went off, so we cant work today. Because Andy and Katey invited us in the afternoon Maud goes to the party while Jackson closes a contract between Anton and Cleophas. Unfortunattely Cleophas decides not to sign the contract. So this is the end of the interlocking bricks. We are sad off this decision, however we need to go forward so in the end this will probably the best decision. IN the end we go with all the teams to the local pub, what a night!

Beata and Michiel helping the team on Friday

Sunday l All the teammembers have a relaxing Sunday and a little visit to the local market.

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