#Week 16 l Team 1: A lot of bricks, Black Mamba and a farewell party

We finished our third week of building. Time flies and it already feels that we’re building for a couple of months. Also our body is slowly falling apart, nothing could physically prepare us for the building phase. But that doesn’t mean that we also experience allot of fun moments with our team.

On Monday, we continued with our never-ending brick molding. We reached 3.000 bricks this week. While this is quite allot we still need 2.000 more. But it’s all going quite well. The next day we started with the foundation of the new house, putting in the rocks took longer than expect. But it’s nice to see the shape of the new house in real life.

On Wednesday, we went to the ADC-farm to collect more rocks. While collecting the rocks we saw our first Black Mamba. This was a quite scary experience but luckily we had Anton and Mozes to kill the snake. But after encountering the snake it was quite scary to still remove all the rocks. But because we’re writhing the update we can ensure everybody that everybody is safe.

On Thursday, we changed our game plan. From now on we’ll quit building at 5pm instead of 7. The 11 hour workdays where really taking the toll on our body’s and with this change we could happily finished the house without physically dying. For the rest of the week we spend our time making the bricks and the foundation. The foundation is almost finished now and we finished the soil from West Pokot. This soil was from the mother of Musa and after 2800 bricks we finally finished it all. This is great because now we can make blocks of local soil and there is no need to transport the soil first to our brick storage tent.

On Saturday, we went to Andy’s house for a little farewell party. He’s going to the coast for a holiday and we’ll be home when he returns. Only Argjire and I where a little bit late so we where only there for half an hour. But then we had the amazing idea to go to Home Boys (a local bar in Sokomojinga). Here we went with every team and some people that work on the farm. Here in homeboys we met with Anton, Joseph and karioki. Three people that helped us with building the house. It was a really nice to go out for once and know so many people there. Every team had people there that helped them during the building phase, so we knew half of people in homeboys. We enjoyed our evening and walked home after a surprisingly fun night.

#team1 #week16

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