#Week 15 l Team 4: Important changes on their plans and a visit to lake with flamingos

After finishing the floor slab we had to stop construction, because we ran out of funds. So, since the family decided that they don’t want the kitchen in order to save space, we had to make drawings and plans for the rest of the construction. We met Icarus on Wednesday to make plans for the upcoming weeks, we also discussed about the involvement of him and his family in the project as during the construction they were absent and did not show the support that we were expecting from them. Their absence was not good for the morale of our team and for the workers. Icarus promised that from now on he will be participating more during construction. From now on he will arrange the delivery of materials and labor, Christina will make chai and lunch for us and the workers.

Next week Icarus’ loan will be approved, that means that we can continue the construction for another four days, and that we can actually will be able to finish the masonry of the brick up to the ring beam. So, we made a plan for this process and discussed it with Icarus.

Because our office work was limited at this point, we decided to take the Saturday off, Atdhe went to Kitale to assist Michiel and Beata with the weekly shopping. It is quite a nice experience, talking to a lot of people and bargaining, that is a thing Atdhe likes to do a lot and he got the opportunity from Beata and Michiel to do it a lot. After a nice lunch in a local restaurant the shopping day was over. In the evening Atdhe went to Sokomjinga to repair a wooden chair of the house. On Sunday Atdhe went to Kitale with Pelle and Damian to relax a little and to do some shopping.

Despoina on the other hand took advantage of this spare time and visited a lake with flamingos and pelecans.

It was a slow but nice week but we really can’t wait to start building again.

Till next week,


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