#Week 15 l Team 2: had a really quiet week

Monday l Monday morning we can’t get a hold of Cleophas, so we decide to check out the site and see if he is around, because we are still waiting for the material to pour our concrete foundation slab. Unfortunattely he is not around, however Evelyne keeps us busy and offers us some chai and we have a nice chat. The rest of the day we spend in the office.

Tuesday l Tuesday morning still no sign of Cleophas, however he promised us to have the material on site today, it is not. So Jackson goes to Kitale and West Pokot for some new arranges for the manuel and hydrolical brick machine, luckily we have multiple options now, so we can choose and pick the best one for our building method and planning. While Jackson is doing some serious project talk, Maud has a nice day in Kitale with Despina, one of the other architects.

Wednesday l Still we have no material, so we make it another office day. It is not nice to wait on the material this long. However we can manage to finalize our past chapters. Also Maud went again to the hospital because she was having some problems again, this time she was so lucky to have worms. Luckily with one tablet it is all gone.

Thursday l Again no materials, we are slightly giving up and do not know what we can do anymore. Just hope for the best for the next day.

Friday l What a news, what a news, there have been some materials delivered on site, so we go check it out. It is unbelievable but the ballast and the sand for mixing the concrete are arrived, the only thing left we need is cement. Cleophas promises us that it will be here by Monday. When we go home we discuss the options of the machine and we decide to rent the manual brick machine. After some regular calls it is decided, the machine will be here on Monday. So good news, by Monday we can start on making the bricks and also pouring the foundation slab. Next week we hoop to inform you more about this.

Weekend l Because we have nothing to do, we both decide to go away for the weekend. While Jackson leaves to Nairobi, Maud takes a weekend off to Saiwa Swump. In Saiwa Swump she takes a hike and she stays with some lovely old people, who make her feel at home.

Maud during her hike in National Park Saiwa Swump

#team2 #week15

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