#Week 14 l Team 2: has done a dynamic start of building phase

Monday l Today was a long day in the office. As we prepared on the final planning for the building phase. Maud made some consultations with local carpenters about the price of truss construction and then later, as part of our research, we visited Habitat Housing project - a project implemented a short distance from the office - to look at how the buildings were done.

Checking out Habitat Project

Tuesday l We had a brief meeting with Cleophas at his compound about the beginning of the building phase. Then Jackson went to Kitale to check on some items needed for the project. Maud then headed off to Michiel’s to finish up on some project work and then later at the house.

Wednesday l We headed off the field to start off on the building phase, but unfortunately we couldn’t since we didn’t get through to Cleophas. We played some games of pool with Dennis, our translator and then headed back home for an office day.

Thursday l We arrived at Cleophas’ compound early to plan the site work. When Cleophas arrives we get the tools and head out to site to start on the building phase. We got help from Titus a local young man from the community in pruning branches for setting out. After preparing the branches we then got off to setting out with Cleophas and Titus. The day was a great success since we were able to finish setting up by late evening. On our way home, we met Robert, another young man in the community who told us that he was eager to help. We welcomed him to join us the following day.

Titus climbing in to the trees cutting wood for the branches

Friday l On Friday we arrived on site enthusiastic to start off on digging the foundation trenches. After marking out the trenches from the previous’ day’s setting out, we started off on the trenches. We worked continuously from morning till evening with our team of young men from the community and by 4:00pm we were all quite exhausted. So we closed up early and went home to rest.

Saturday l On Saturday we arrived at site ready to finish up on the foundation trenches. We started off on finishing the digging with the team. By lunchtime we were done and Maud had borrowed a transparent hose from one of the neighbours for use in the leveling. At lunchtime we had some Githeri lunch prepared by Cleophas’ wife. In the afternoon we started off on leveling the trenches and were done by evening.

Jackson using the transparent hose to level out the ground

Sunday l Our first day off from fieldwork. Maud joined the rest of the team at the dam for a swim as Jackson remained in the house to rest. In the afternoon we had some pizza’s and fries for supper.

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