#Week 14 l Team 1: Sweet weariness after digging all day long

The first full week of building is finally there and it brought some great challenges and interesting moments. While we were still a little bit tired from the last 5 days of working in the field it didn’t stop us from giving everything and working for another whole week.

On Monday, we continued with making the bricks. The smaller size really made a big difference and there are becoming really good. During the building phase, we always eat at the family with all the workers. Most of the time we got Ugali (maize flour cooked with water until it becomes a ball of dough) and Sukuma ( a kind of green spinach). This is always quite good but this time we got something special. They prepared little sundried fish for us. We were really hungry but it wasn’t recommended. But it was also nice to see what the real locals eat and enjoy. These first building days are so physically exhausting that when we come back we can only eat and sleep.

On Tuesday, it was less physical demanding. We’re slowly getting used to all the digging, mixing and transporting of the soil. This didn’t mean that were not completely broken at the end of the day. Luckily, they noticed that we didn’t really like the fish and now we got Ugali, Sukuma and meat. Also the dry season is there, this means that during the day it is really hot and in the night it cools down to 9 degrees. What is really cold when you’re used to the African temperatures. But this also means that the sky is very clear so the stars are amazing. The day after everybody was tired and the work progressed very slow. But we finished levelling the ground where the new house is going to be build.

On Thursday, we started with digging the foundation. There where allot of people and the day went really good. Michiel and Ank also visited to see how every team was doing. It was a nice day and we almost finished the whole foundation trench. The next day we were really early in the field. We planned to collect allot of rocks for the foundation. Only we discovered in the morning that the tractor was broken. Argjire went to the farm to get some more plastic sheets. This was really great because now we could make a bigger bricks storage place.

On Saturday, Michiel came to help us. We made bricks the whole day. While it didn’t really went that fast in the morning we caught up after lunch. In the evening we drank some beers because the next day would be a free Sunday again. On Sunday, we relaxed and had a nice swim at the dam.

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