#Week 13 l Team 4: Exciting moments!

This week had started with a bit of stress as we were expecting an answer from our family if they can help us with the construction of the house and we also had to finalize all of the drawings and to make some changings. So, luckily on Monday the good news reached us and we decided to start building the house on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we had to prepare ourselves for the big day. Some final calculations, wooden pegs for the trench of the foundation and some tools and materials were ready and on our hands. During the morning, we had a meeting with the driver of a lorry. While we’ ve been waiting for him three people pretended that they were our guy. What a mess! Later on, we met Christina to show her our final designs. We still couldn’t believe that the big day was coming. Honestly, it didn’t feel like it was coming. This day had so many up and down. The fundi who wanted to help us started asking for a huge amount of salary which of course couldn’t afford as our budget is coming from sponsors and fundraising. Fortunately, we met Walter – a great fundi and also a guy who looks like a movie character. But, Icarus wasn’t really happy with our choice but we finally convinced him to follow our decision. Also, the suppliers started increasing their prices, but luckily Walter helped us a lot.

Wednesday – building day! l We woke up at 6 o clock in the morning as we had a meeting with the fundis and the people who would help us. The day started by taking the measurements of the house and the trench of the foundation in the field. It took us the whole day as some of the pegs were not aligned between them and we were also a little bit unorganized with some materials. So during the lunch time we went back to Sokomjinga to prepare more wooden pegs for the trench of the foundation. Finally, the driver of the lorry showed up. Only a day of delayed. Apparently, the prices that he gave us were quite expensive and after a hard bargain we came in an agreement. At least we thought so. We continued working with the measurements.

Thursday – what a day! l On Thursday, we were ready to start digging our trench. It took us a while as the soil was quite sticky and after two days of a heavy rain it was even worst as we expected. We reached up to 70 cm where we realized that there is actually a red soil, suitable for our foundation. The whole day we’ve been expecting our first materials to arrive. But the driver never showed up and he didn’t even reply to our phone calls. Luckily, we have Walter. This guy! We are in love with him. He can arrange everything in just five minutes. He knows a guy who knows a guy and so on. So , our first lorry of sand and maram was at the plot and we also ordered hardcore.

On Friday, we finished digging the trench and leveled the plot. Water was coming out from the soil so we had to figure out what we should do. But since we were missing some of our materials we had decided to add the hardcore and maram on Monday and to see how much water will be added during the weekend. We also met John the electrician who helped us a lot during the day and he also invited us for a lunch on Sunday. The day ended quite unexpected and amazing actually. We realized that Bernard – the other fundi is actually a pastor and he had to attend to a ceremony of a newborn baby. That was quite fantastic. The family and the community welcomed us, offered us a chai and a nice supper and they invited us to the church ceremony on Sunday. We felt so grateful. We had actually started interacting with the community in an authentic way.

On Saturday, we went to Kitale with Jackson and Maud. Both of our teams had to do some research of materials in the city. The day was quite nice actually. We found all of our materials and after that we have decided to have a nice lunch, some shopping, a nice drink to a bar for a first time.

On Sunday, we wore our nice clothes and headed to the church. The ceremony lasted for more than 5 hours and seriously it was one of the craziest experiences. The people were really enthusiastic with our presence. During the whole ceremony, they couldn’t stop dancing and singing and hugging us all the time. They even thought that Adthe was a kind of prophete. Later, we went to John’s house to the nearest community for our promised lunch. The day ended by ordering natural stones for the foundation and on our way back John and Walter taught us how to drive a motorbike.

What a week! We can’t wait for the next one.

Till next week,


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