#Week 13 l Team 3: received an unexpected expression of love as response to their work

This week we needed to cut the cost of our design for family Soita and we managed to do so. The amount of rooms was reduces and the house is reduced to the necessary rooms needed for this family. This feels good. For that reason it was hardcore physical labour today!! The measuring of the trenches for a foundation, were done quite quick.

Therefore the digging could start the same day. We’re very excited about the recent development in the project. A first djembe in the ground is sort of a holy moment, and it feel like it.

Earlier this week we put much effort in developing our brick and making more test samples of it. They are still drying as we speak, and this will be the biggest gamble. We are not sure how long it takes for the bricks to dry totally, but the time for constructing the whole house is very short. Also the space needed for the total amount of bricks to dry is much more than we expected. Drop tests and former bricks we made give us the confidence to go on with our idea.

As all the children copy everything they see and experience, also the smallest ones are scavenging on the first building leftovers.

We got really close with the family members and that was noticeable by the way they greeted us when their holiday started at the beginning of the week. From the smallest we got a very nice hug. We opened the door and out of reflex Mary just jumped up and came up to us. As she was running her eyes revealed that she realised it was still two Wazungu’s. But she gave a true loving greeting, heart warming. This is such a good pay-check for the work we do.

As we are digging with most of the family members today, we’re looking forward to the next steps in the building phase.

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