#Week 13 l Team 1: The new phase has started!

Doing exercises at home, running and swimming these last months weren’t enough to prepare ourselves for the building phase. We have started with building the house and it is very fun but requires allot of hard work. We start our day at 7 am and we finish it at 7 pm. Everyone seems to be very exited and there are a lot of people who visit and help us at the family’s house. It’s great to meet so many people and teach them how to build and sharing our expertise with them.

First days we made a shading spot for our bricks. It is still raining almost every day so for being able to make bricks and letting them dry in the shade we needed to make a big dry space. Luckily Joffrey, our Kiswahili teacher gave us a big plastic sheet so we could use it as a roofing material. After two days of taking out the maze from the land and leveling the area we made the shading spot.

The third day we started to make the bricks. The family had 4 tons of soil for a year now, transported from Pokot, a region next to ours. Anyway, the soil is quite good for making the bricks. After the tests we did before, lacking to afford straw we used the thatch to combine with the mud, the thatch used to be the roof of the family’s kitchen. Even through, our idea was to make compressed earth blocks, but after trying the soil wasn’t strong enough and after some hours they were all cracked. We knew that we had to make them much smaller and by that the soil would work better, as it also worked on the tests before. After a long time of trying to find the best way to connect the bricks we came to a very great solution, which the family and all of us liked a lot. Because of the way how they are connected we could make it to have windows, empty holes without the need to buy any window, and at the same time having enough light in the building itself. We will tell you more details about the building design and methods soon.

Talk to you soon,

Team 1.

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