This week was so productive! Since previous week we ‘ve been trying to finish with all the technical drawings in order to calculate the total cost of the house, to present everything to the family and to take our final decisions – meaning if we start the building process or redesign a new and different

house which will cost less. So, on Monday and as we had proceeded with the design of the roof, we had arranged a meeting at Michiel’s place in order to show him our process and to give us advices. To be honest, this meeting gave us some thoughts if what are working on was right or wrong.

Luckily, on Tuesday we met with Bahati for a second opinion and he has assured us that we are on a good way and we can also save some money out of the construction of the roof. Unfortunately, our personal deadline for finishing up everything till on Wednesday had totally failed. So many details and so many discussions upon the drawings.

On Wednesday, they let us know that we should leave our working space as a new virus – epidemic was on the way from Uganda and the hospital wanted to use our office as a carantine place. Though Michiel was able to arrange to find us a new place which is actually better, brighter and near to the construction area of the farm. This is even better as we can always talk with the fundis and get some knowledge on the way that they build the buildings here.

The couple next days we continued working on the final drawings and calculations. On Friday, we had a meeting with Icarus to show our work and the final estimations of the cost. He was really enthusiastic but the only issue was that our estimation of the total cost of the house was quite high, which means that the current budget allows to construct only the foundation. We tried to convince Icarus that a new shape of the house which will allow us to reduce the cost and actually to reorganize the rooms in a more functional way. But Icarus got some good news regarding the funds and we decided to continue with our first proposal and to wait till Monday to verify the good news. If this happen that means that next week we are starting to build our house. We are very excited!

We spent our weekend trying to organize all of our files and data according to a new coding system. Oh it took ages but at least now everything is in order.

We can’t wait for the next week to come! On Monday we need to start ordering materials and hire a local fundi to help us with the house!

Till next week,


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