#Week 12 l Team 3: has done a large amount of progress but problems are always around...

We are nearing the building phase. This means that all our preparations are coming to an end. Unfortunately we are still unable to begin the building, due to problems that were unaccounted for.

The progress we made has been office work mostly, finishing the design of the building and calculating the funds that are required for the building of the house. There has been a very large amount of progress which resulted in a presentation of the design to the family. Here we discussed the decisions we had made over the past couple of weeks while enjoying a couple of soda’s.

This presentation was received very positively and the family was very excited to see the progress we have made while they are not around. One tiny drawback of the design was that we would most likely go way over budget, as we were 25% over budget without calculating a lot of major parts of the project. The family was very indifferent, even though the costs were greater than we had decided upfront. This was very strange for us as the major problem in this area is money. Do they have a secret stash of money, maybe?

During the rest of the week we wanted to further test the bricks we want to build, we contracted a local welder to make a new formwork as the wooden forms didn’t work. The formwork would have been done by Monday. But we are in Africa, Which means that it would probably be done by next week.

As we proceeded to develop our design the costs increased, sadly. The more we calculated the design the more we went over budget. By now we are about to spend 180.000ksh of the 100.000ksh that are available, we are in trouble…

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