#Week 12 l Team 2: A lot of work during the week and painting the wall of hospital on Sunday

Monday l We start off of the week, going to Sokomjinga to see Cleophas. Unfortunately he is not around and it seems like he will not be around in the next couple of hours of this morning. So instead we decide to take Josephine (the eldest daughter) to school. She was sent home to return with her parents. Jackson talked with the principal and after a nice sweet talk they decided that Josephine could take her exams, which will started off the following day - Tuesday. During the long walk to the school and back, we saw a good stone building which we checked out. After saying goodbye to Evelyne, we went home for lunch. After lunch we had an informative afternoon by giving feedback to each other on our previous work. In the evening Michiel came by to collect all the previous recorded data.

Tuesday l In the morning we work in the office, finishing up on our feedback. After lunch we took off to Sokomjinga again to see Cleophas. Again he is not around, however after 2,5 hours he finally shows up. We discuss his ideas on the design and take some conclusions so we can start designing their new home. When we finish up we go see Musa for a nice talk before heading back home for dinner. In the evening we play some cards and call it a night.

Wednesday l On Wednesday we are offered some new office spaces, however there is only place for three teams, so we decide to continue working in the meeting room at the hospital. After Michiel showed us the offices we had some lunch. After lunch we split up, Jackson worked in the meeting room, while Maud took advantage of the good Internet connection at Michiel’s place. After dinner we discuss our first designs.

Thursday l This was a really productive day for our team. The whole day, we did sketches and discussed our designs. After the discussions we both finished up on the different designs, which we get printed. During the time Maud was away printing the files, Jackson played some soccer with the local building guys. In the evening Maud prepares her pitch for tomorrows meeting.

Maud and Jackson working in the office

Friday l An important day for the research process, because we are pitching our first designs. However, first we go meet Dennis, a local computer science University student, who is going to help Maud in her field translations. After meeting Dennis we go see Cleophas, who brought a friend to discuss the designs with. Fortunately Cleophas is really enthusiastic about the design and would only want to see the roof designed differently.

So we go home with a satisfying feeling.

Saturday l On Saturday we go back to the field again to measure the site. We do this, so we know where we are going to set the house and the surrounding buildings. The children are on holiday now and are all around us. They are also very curious about the Gopro.

Children waving at the go pro

In the afternoon Maud works in the office and Jackson plays a soccer match in Chepchoina with the local team from the trust. Unfortunately they loss the match. However, there is a nice dinner waiting for him at home. During the day Maud made some pumpkin soup and during the preparations for dinner she also made a salad and helped Damian and Atdhe baking fries. After dinner, Michiel joins the house for poker night, which happened to be a really long one, with Jackson winning a lot of money.

Sunday l On Sunday Jackson leaves for a day in Kitale, while Maud helps Beata painting in the children’s hospital. The hospital will open in January, to make it more peaceful for the children we flower it up with some paintings.

Maud painting a wall in the children’s hospital

#team2 #week12

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