#Week 12 l Team 1: Final decisions before a great new experience

This week we had our last week of working at the office. Next week we’ll be ready to finally start building our house. We are both working up to this moment for a long time so we’re really excited. We can’t wait to finally build our design and see the house in real life. But before we can tell you about our building experiences let’s first tell you about this week.

We started our week with working in a new and final office. We worked here for almost the whole week to finish the calculations and the design.

On Thursday, we went to the field to check some of the prices. It was nice to be away from your computer for a little while. In the afternoon, we returned to the office to work on the design again. We came up with a new way to arrange the bricks, in the new design we don’t have to cut any of the bricks making it way easier to build.

The week went by quite fast, we worked every day at the office and finally finished the design. On Saturday Veronica wasn’t there so we cooked on the jiko. We ended our evening with a poker night. Everybody joined and we had great fun. Michiel came to our house and the tournament ended at 04:00 in the night. This was one of the most ambitious and competitive poker nights yet everybody is slowly getting better at the game so the tournament gets more and more interesting.

On Sunday we were still a bit tired but that didn’t stop us from finishing our last calculation. The design is ready now so next week we can hopefully update you on our first Kenyan build experience.

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