#Week 11 l Team 4: Final Decisions!

Since we have spent our previous week on the hospital trying to finalize the design of the house, this week we had to move on to the design of some technical drawings such as doors, windows, a chimney – as our family cooks with wood – a kitchen table and final our roof. In that way, we could have all of the connected parts of the house and we could finally estimate the total cost of our ideal house.

So, on Tuesday and since Despoina had a flue the first days of the week, Atdhe had decided to visit Kitale in order to find some materials that would be useful for our doors.

The next days we decided to work at the office and to continue with the design of the roof. Oh this roof and this shape of the house! It complicates everything. It took us a while but we finally made it. What we missed and we are still working on it are sections, elevations and some other technical drawings. We hope that by the end of next week everything will be ready and we will have our final estimations.

On Saturday, we met Icarus and Christina, who gave us more information upon questions that had arisen during the design process. On our way we saw the construction of the roof of the house out of natural stones. We also found out that every evening Icarus is working additionally as a craftman to a workshop at Sokomjinga. These are news. He can even help us with the timber construction that we are planning to use.

In the evening, we were invited at Andy’s place to celebrate Moly’s birthday with a nice BBQ and a poker night. The dinner was delicious and the music absolutely fabtastic.

Sunday was also a lovely day. Since Despoina has taken some rest the first days of the week she decided to work in order to replace some time, while Atdhe had a relaxing day lying down on the sun. In the evening we met Jessie, a school boy who also draws and is interested in architecture. He visited our house and we gave him some drawing tips and advices.

We are persuaded that the following week we will have finished with all of our drawings and we will decide if we need to resize or change the shape of the house.

Till next week,


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