#Week 11 l Team 2: A very daunting week for the team because of an illness

Monday l On this day, Maud did her exams which she was preparing for the previous week. Jackson was still recovering from a bout of illness. A long weekend for the architects.

Tuesday l Another slow day for the team. Jackson still recovering from the illness. But seems to be getting better.

Wednesday l Jackson recovering to Maud falling sick. It is proving to be a very daunting week for the team, as Maud took a day off to recover. She has not been feeling well since the beginning of the week.

Thursday l Everyone is feeling a bit better. We had a productive day in the office. The team spent the better part of the day preparing for the following day’s interviews. A little bit of research on the soil samples we gathered last week and thinking about the design of the family’s new house.

Friday l Today we went to the field for a meeting with Cleophas, the father of the family. On arrival at the field he was not around. So we waited for him for a while as we had a chat with Josephine, the eldest daughter. He finally arrived as we were about to give up and we ended up having a productive day in the field.

Saturday l Office day. In the evening we visited Andy’s for Molly’s birthday party. And the guys finished up the night with a nice game of Poker.

Sunday l Office day in the house. We worked on Monday’s schedule the whole day. The team is trying to finish up on the research work. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel J.

#week11 #team2

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