#Week 11 l Team 1: made big decisions about their project.

This week we will be telling you how we spent every day of the last week by one photo of each day. Before starting the photo journey, I would like to mention that we made many big decisions related to the project.

On Monday we worked half day in the office and the other half on the field. After we did some sketches and designing the future house, we went at the family’s house to check the first samples we did for the bricks and rammed earth.

As you can see on the photo they needed more time to dry, but they looked quite promising. We decided to leave them in their stable for some more days before we continue to do the strength test.

During the next days, we mostly worked in the offices. We did some designing, sketching and making plans on building process. As you can see in the photos below we use different spaces as our office. We like not to work always in the same place, and that’s because of many reasons, weather, our mood, electricity and many other reasons we can tell you about. Anyway, we did have some great ideas for designing the house, and accomplished to finish 3 best designs to present to the family.

On Saturday, we were quite excited to show our designs to the family. Since we wanted to show to them all 2d and 3d plans we got the laptop with ourselves. They don’t have electricity at their house so we decided to do the presentation on the workshop of Musa. The family liked all the designs and were very happy of what we presented. After the discussion we had together we went back home to make the final design, we will finish it this week.

Sunday is our day off but we were very curious about our first bricks samples, so we decided to go to the field and test them. We did two tests to check their strength, the drop test and the stepping test. We got some great results which we will be presetting to you next week.

Till next week, we say hi from today’s office.

#week11 #team1

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