#Week 10 l Team 4: A constructive talk with local experts

We started our week by visiting different construction sites on the Mt. Elgon trust where we had a good talk with Bahati (the head Fundi). In order to understand how the foundation will be, Bahati gave us information about the different soil layers and on which layer we should build. We also discussed our detailed foundation drawing. With this new information we continued by making our foundation design better and better. After lots of drawings and calculations of the total cost of the foundation we went to students masonry on the masonry workshop at Anderson High school. We had a nice talk about building methods used in Kenya, The Netherlands and Greece.

After we had finished the foundation detail we continued on the floor plan, to get a better understanding of the spaces. We had also decided to make a scale model out of cardboard in order to have a clear picture of the spaces. When we finished our scale model we actually discovered that the house we had designed was too big and we decided to resize creating smaller rooms but without losing any comfort. We showed Icarus the scale model and he really liked it, it was something he did not see before. After discussing the rooms with Icarus and Christina we immediately started resizing the house. Is was not easy but we managed to do it. To save some space we even want to apply sliding barn doors.

On Thursday, we wanted to celebrate Corne’s birthday, but he got a present from Mr. mosquito, Malaria, so he did not feel like partying. Fortunately, Corne got better and better during the week. And he survived it!

On Sunday, it was Michiel’s birthday, so we celebrated it by a sheep barbecue. Luckily, Corne was already better and could join us for the barbecue. Though another gift from Mr. Pneumonia hit Jackson so for once again the whole team couldn’t gather.

We believe that by the end of the week we will have be finished with all of the drawings! And then we can start planning the building process! Let’s see.

Till next week,


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