#Week 10 l Team 3: A trip to Kitale and a Malaria hit to Corne on his birthday

I’ll keep it short as there is not a lot to tell even though it was quite the hectic week. Probably the highlight of the week was our trip to Kitale with Cleophas. The plan was to go to the Kitale museum where we could see authentic historic houses.

Too bad that the exhibits were very limited, and Cleophas was entertained most by the snake pit they had. But it wasn’t all bad, because we took Cleophas for lunch in his favourite restaurant in Kitale.

After having eaten our lunch we and Cleophas went our own ways, because we had to run some errands. When we were almost done we got a text from Mercy (oldest daughter of the family) that she was in Kitale and had nothing to do. So, we decided to meat Mercy and go to her university of applied sciences. Once there she showed us their architecture department where we got to know one of the teachers. This man was happy to show us all their testing equipment, which was quite a lot actually. All their equipment involved soil testing and testing the strength of building blocks, the ones we could use actually. So, we decided to be bald and ask if we could use the testing equipment. The teacher would love to give us permission but it wasn’t up to him. He forwarded us to the head of the architecture department, who was very compliant after hearing about the research we are doing.

Talking to the head of the department we realised that we could also contribute a lot to this university. To help a university improve their way of knowledge transfer would mean that we could help a group of people that is way bigger than the community we are helping as well. We left our contact information as well as the information of Avans, so this wouldn’t be the last time we would hear of them. It was a shame we had to go but we had to reach the last public transport before we would be stuck in Kitale. Having the last Matatu (pickup truck transferred to public transport) means a couple of things: the roads are bad due to the heave afternoon rain, and everybody wants to be in the last matatu so you would probably share your seat with either two other people or a couple of chickens.

We thought it wouldn’t get any worse but then Corné was struck by a very bad case of Malaria, on his 30th birthday nonetheless. So, I would be on my own for a couple of days, and I am going to be honest. It was really boring to be completely alone for a day when you have been with other people for every day for two months.

After two days of working on my own I offered Michiel to help with grocery shopping in Kitale. Here I saw a whole new side of the city I had been in for so many occasions. We started off in the marketplace where we saw a blend of people who were really nice and people who were trying to rip us off (as usual). Apparently, I volunteered as dumb muscle.

Having completed our shopping trip, we (Michiel, Beata and me) were lucky enough to be taken to lunch with Dave, Dale and JJ. Again, there is always a flipside of the coin, and we still had to drive back home. Little did we know that the road was extraordinarily poor, and we took three hours to get back.

After all the Sunday had come and here we would have a very nice barbecue to celebrate Michiel’s birthday. Here we had an exquisite sheep roast that we would be talking about for months to come.

#week10 #team3

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