#Week 10 l Team 2: An interesting conversation with the family and a lovely sheep bbq for Michiel&#3

Monday l The first day for Maud in the field, Jackson brings her to the family for an introduction. Michiel and Beata join. After the morning, Maud and Jackson started working through all the documents and data to decide what was missing and need to be done. At the end of the day there is a big to-do list and a plan for tomorrow to fulfil chapter six. In the evening Maud went back to bed early, while the other team members celebrated Atdhe’s Birthday.

Family Picture with Maud and Jackson

Tuesday l On this day, we went to the family again, to do a soil analysis. Before we can design a house or a foundation it is important to know what type of soil there is and if it’s useful.

Jackson, Cleophas and Karis digging a hole for the soil samples

After we took the soil samples, the team we went home to fill them with salt water and let them settle for a week. In the afternoon we went to Michiel to catch up and give him the missing documents and data from Monday night. After a long, however interesting conversation we called it a day and went home for dinner.

Wednesday l This day Maud prepared herself very well as she would be the actor. She did the introduction for the family. She tells them about her family, friends and hobbies from home and shows them pictures. She also lets them see where she lives and the distance between the Netherlands and Kenya. The family is really enthusiastic and the conversation becomes a long talk about everything they and Maud are curious about.

Maud, Evelyne and the Kids; Josephine, Edah & Angela

During the talk the family offered us some Githeri, a traditional meal of beans and corn. In the afternoon we worked on our documents and data. The team drive is getting its form back and we can finally move forward.

Thursday l On Thursday Maud and Pelle (other student) went to Michiel’s place to take advantage of the good internet connection. This day was all about research and making plans for the next couple of weeks. In the evening we planned something for Corne (one of the architects), unfortunately he was feeling sick, so we postponed the celebration.

Friday l On Friday we had a nice but long office day. We finished chapter one and four and made some plans for chapter seven. However before we can start chapter seven we needed to make some draft lists. For Saturday we made arrangements with Cleophas (father of the family) to talk about the draft list and some other relevant information. During the evening Michiel comes by with some lovely cake for Corne.

Saturday l When meeting Cleophas we get to know a lot about his personal schedule and what he does during the day. After finishing the draft list with Cleophas we request whether we could make the next draft list with the rest of the family, but unfortunately he tells us Evelyne (mother of the family) is not in a good condition to. So we decide to take a walk so Maud can ask about all the different house typologies in the community. This information is used to complete the house type analysis. After the morning, Jackson leaves to Kitale and Maud goes back to the guesthouse to work on the analysis. It is a really depressing afternoon, because it is raining a lot. Also Veronica (our house mother) has taken a day off, so Maud decides to go for some dinner in Sokomjinga. Because the roads are really bad, she and the other student have to walk there. When arrived at the blue hotel, they have some lovely chapatti with meat. When they are planning to go home, Atdhe (one of the students) organizes for the team to go back to the farm in a trailer being pulled by a tractor. At home we watch a movie and call it a night.

Sunday l Jackson is still not home from Kitale, because of the bad weather his car had to turn around and he had to spend the night in Kitale. In the morning he comes back feeling sick, a little trip to the hospital and the doctors tell him that he should take it slow. During the day Maud prepares for the exam that is planned for tomorrow. Around 4’o clock the group goes to Michiel and Beata. It is Michiels 34th birthday today, congratulations! They prepared a lovely sheep for the BBQ and it is a successful evening.

The sheep ready to be baked

Maud and the rib of the sheep, enjoying to the fullest

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