#Week 10 l Team 1: The weeks are passing by and it seems that is getting wetter

Everybody is hoping that the dry season will start soon but off now there is still no sign of the dry season. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop us to continue working on the project and still have allot of fun.

We started this week with working in the hospital. We wanted to do some tests in the field but because of the rain we had to wait. On Tuesday, it was dry and we went to Musa’s house to test our bricks. It was exhausting work because we had to dig all the soil everywhere. Also, it was really hot and we did it for the first time. After a whole day of work we were only on 1/4th of the way. This really felt like a defeat but that didn’t stop us to return the next day. The day after we returned and this time it went really great. We knew the steps and everything went 10 times faster. In the afternoon, Joseph (the brother of Musa) also came to help us we almost finished the whole thing but then we got interrupted by some small showers, we thought. We were rushing to get everything inside before the rain would destroy the bricks and we barely made it. After we saved our bricks we helped to put the goats of Musa’s mother inside. But when we were walking back to the stable the real rain struck. Even with a raincoat we were soaked in 10 seconds. After waiting for the rain to pass we went home. It took another day before the rains passed and on Friday we returned to the family to finish our tests. When we arrived at the house the whole family was there because of Heroes Day (a national holiday that celebrates the heroes that fought for Kenya’s independence). It was nice to see the kids again. They helped us with the deferent steps, while Argjire, Abigael and Sandra where finishing the bricks Pelle and Collins went with the wheelbarrow to collect some rocks. We bought some lollipops and tried different snapchat filters, we had a great day.

Saturday, we started working on the design. While we already knew the floorplan, making a correct 3d model brought some extra challenges with it. Nevertheless, we are confident that it will become a nice house.

On Sunday, we celebrated the birthday of Michiel. In the morning, we went to the Chepchoina market and around 4 o clock we went to Michiel. Here they prepared a very nice sheep for us. Everybody was invited and we had a really nice evening with a proper BBQ and some beers. We ended the night with a nice cheesecake made by Beata. Sadly, Jackson and Despina couldn’t join us because they were having a fever.

The research phase is almost finished and we’re really curious to know how the house will be in real life. We can’t wait to start building and if the weather allows we will start soon with realising our project.

Talk to you all next week, bye.

#week10 #team1

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