#Week 9 l Team 2 : After a looong trip, Maud is finally here.

Tuesday - Friday l Jackson left for Nairobi to run some errands since no work was going to take place during the week.

Saturday l Maud would join the team on the 15th of October in Kitale. However, before she could join them, she had a big travel to plan for. On Saturday morning 6.30 she left with her mom, dad and boyfriend to Brussels Airport, Zaventum. After saying her goodbyes, she was on her own.

First She had a 3,5 hour flight from Brussel to Istanbul, where she had a 5 hour transfer. During this time she enjoyed myself in a small hipster restaurant. Then she needed to be in time for her 6,5 hour flight from Istanbul to Nairobi.

Sunday l In Nairobi George, Mauds driver, drove her to the next airport in Nairobi for her morning flight to Kitale.After a small delay she could go to her plane, unfortunately the engines broke. So they told Maud they needed 40 minutes to repair the engine and they could fly again. Sadly this took them a lot longer. In the airport Maud met a nice girl who was also flying to Kitale. She kept her company during the delay at Nairobi Wilson Airport.

Diana & Maud during the delay

Around noon, after a flight of 1 hour from Nairobi to Kitale, Francis a taxi driver from

Kitale was waiting for Maud. Francis took her to the city centre of Kitale where he bought her some fries and the local food - Mandazi.

Maud: “It tasted very good and I was reloaded to meet my rural housing family.

The welcoming back greetings were amazing, I felt at home right away. In the evening we even had a nice barbeque with some friends of the neighbourhood. Then I ended my evening early and took a nice long rest.”

#week9 #team2

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