#Week 9 l Team 1: Two months on Mt Elgon and the progress is clear

We are happy to let you know that this week we are two months on Mount Elgon. The time is going so fast and we still feel that we have a lot of things to do and experience. Fortunately the project is going very well for our team, we both are giving the best to make everything go as we planned and we are very excited that we almost are at the phase of starting building the house. Anyway, let us tell you in more details about how our last week went.

First couple of days we spent at the office working on the different chapter. The days before we got different soil samples from the family’s compound, around 10, we started to do some soil tests, so we could know more about what kind of soil they have, the amount of clay and sand is in each of them, so we might get some ideas of what kind of techniques we will be able to use to build the house. Except the soil tests described on the support tool (our bible), we also did some other ones, with the intention to get as much information as we can. Some of the tests we did were: squeeze tests, drop tests and the crush tests. All of them needed different conditions and ways to do. After doing all these small and quick tests and getting most of the results, on Wednesday we went at Michiel and Beata’s house to do the last one, the swell tests.

The other days it was mostly raining, so we couldn’t go to the field and do the things we were planning to do. We kept working at home by doing sketches and designs always based on the wishes of the family have for their next house. After working all day, we most of the nights with playing cards, we all had a great laugh with all the teams together. Being from different parts of the world it gives us opportunity to learn new games all the time, each of us showing the games we play at home. One of the days we also played poker where Michiel joined us too. It was a great night even though both of us lost some shillings that night.

The weekend came and we both spent it in different way. Argjira went on the trip, visiting Kisumu another city in Kenya, as it’s called the third biggest city in Kenya (after Nairobi and Mombasa), and drive from our place, and Pelle stayed home to work in some projects for Avans University of Applied Sciences. We both had a great time. On Sunday we welcomed Maud, a student from the Netherlands, to join our team, and being very happy to have her here, we organized a surprise barbeque for her. A lot of people were invited and everybody were having a great time together. Argjira came late that night so she missed the barbeque but we both were enthusiastic to share and know more about our experiences we had.

#week9 #team1

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