#Week 9 l Team 4: Studying hard!

We couldn’t imagine how much research we needed to do this week in order to understand how the local fundi’s build the houses. Since last week we met some of them we have decided to spend more time with them and to get some local knowledge. The question of the week was how you can improve the local tested ways of building.

So, on Monday, we have decided to follow Emanuel, the fundi who builds one of the biggest houses at the area. The basic materials that he uses are natural stones and timber. We couldn’t be more excited as he agreed to let us help him with the construction and also to give us extra tips. He is also willing to help us with our own house.

The week was quite hard as the previous month we had ideas about 4 different types of houses – bricks, stones, maram and soil. Since our family wants a brick house we have decided to observe step by step how the house out of natural stones is being built as most of the materials that we are planning to use are in common. To understand how the foundation and the excavation will be we were focused on these details in order to be able to make our first technical drawings and to understand the amount of material that we will need to order. In order to do that we had to study a lot and to research both locally but also on digital resources.

Out of our research we realized that is impossible to design the foundation without knowing what’s going on on the ground soil. So, on Friday we went back to the field to make some extra soil tests by digging a hole on the ground and to measure the depth of the surface soil, subsoil and bedrock. Apparently, the kids who are going crazy whenever we stop by they had different opinion as they thought that it was some kind of game so we decided to spend some time with them and to go back the next day. We also started researching building examples of brick houses around the world which gave us some amazing ideas. Oh, the house will be amazing!

Our research for funds is still on! With our first calculations and the available budget it is quite hard to start building our family’s dream house.

We couldn’t be more excited as the weekend Maud has arrived to replace one of our student member. On Sunday, we held a barbeque in order to welcome her and since Atdhe’s birthday is on Monday we thought that it would be a nice opportunity to held a party and relax all together.

Next week will be fantastic. We will try to finish with the observation and with all the technical drawings and to start actually designing our house!

Till next week,



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