#Week 8 l Team 1: Two months in Kenya and time is flying by

The past couple months everybody was really dedicated and working 6 days a week to finish the project in time. Therefore, we decided with everybody that we deserved a little vacation at the end of this week. But before I tell you more about this little trip let me share our workdays first.

We started past week with allot of office days. In the hospital, we spend our time transcribing and finished different chapters. We are almost at the end of the support tool. The next couple chapters will involve designing and planning the future house. Argjire and I think that these are the most fun chapters in the whole book and so we’re really looking forward to this. Halfway through the week we went to the family to conduct some interviews. Here we gained more knowledge about the capacities of our family. While at first, we thought that the family of Musa was one of the richest families that joined the project, we now discovered that not everything is always like it seems. The family of Musa is just a regular family like everybody else. While this makes are job somewhat harder it also brings more motivation to give them a good home for the future.

On Friday, everybody prepared for the upcoming trip. We planned to make some lunch for the next day. Argjire prepared an Albanian bread while Pelle made pancakes.

The next morning,we travelled with a private van to Pokot. We travelled through the mountains and experienced some beautiful scenery while climate became hotter and hotter.

After 4 hours on the road we arrived at our destination. We stayed at a resort in the woods, here we rented some little huts where everybody stayed. It was nice to stay in these little huts. Andy had already arrived and we joined him for the lunch. Andy would turn 30 this weekend so there was a little birthday party. We could notice that the climate was completely different here, it was really hot even in the shade. So, most of the day we went swimming in the nearby river. While this river was quite shallow we could still laydown and have allot of fun. We also had a little poker tournament with all the shilling coins we collected during the past weeks. After a day in the river we had a really nice nyama choma dinner (a goat grilled on the BBQ), we had some nice meat but also allot of salads and different other dishes. Everybody really enjoyed this dinner and we had great fun. After dinner, we watched a traditional Pokot dance, this was a little bit strange because it felt wrong watching people dance for you. But that didn’t stop us from having a fun night and drinking some beers.

The next day we went to the dessert. Here we visited some different Pokot building typologies. Also,we visited six widows of one Pokot men. We got also some knowledge on how the Pokot people live and that was a quite shocking reality. When we came back from the dessert we had one final hotdog lunch before heading home. Everybody really enjoyed this little mini vacation in between all the hard work.

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