#Week 8 l Decisions, decisions! Stress hit the team 4!

Although the week had started quiet and relaxed finally the stress hit us!

As the previous week, we had developed our first sketches of our family’s new house, this week we had to understand how much money we need in order to build it! And believe us is not an easy task to do! As our family really wants a brick house we had to calculate this cost but we also need to be creative and to come with new ideas as far as the materials is concerned. So, we had developed 4 types of houses according to the materials and we needed to check the total cost of each type.

In order to do that and after a meeting with Andy, who gave us information about local suppliers and materials, we realized that we still miss information about prices and materials. Especially, if you want to calculate the cost of 4 different types of buildings you need to think all the different building techniques and materials. So, we had to do some day-trips both to the area but also to Kitale to figure out all the prices.

On Wednesday, we have decided to visit Chepchoina and Socomjinga, the nearest communities in order to get prices for welding, timber, sand and maram, but also to have a second look to the site that the house will be built in case that we haven’t observed ways of buildings. This day-trip ended up to be amazing, as by chance we met the local fundi, a really old school experienced builder who was willing to calculate for us the exact amount of materials and the cost of our design, so we can compare our lists. At Sokomjinga, we met Musa, the father of one of the groups. Musa actually helped us a lot as he owns a carpentry and he gave us discount, but with the term not to say anything to his group. This visit was quite enlightening as we realized that the local prices are higher than in the town but still if we buy the materials locally we reduce the cost of transportation.

On Thursday, we met the local fundi once again in order to give him our floor plan and we headed up to Kitale to one of the biggest hardware of the town. The rest of the day was quite relaxing. Atdhe had a local haircut. Once again on our way back the matatu broke down and we had decided to use boda boda from Endebess to Mt. Elgon. The boda boda experience was quite stunning but also dusty! Our faces were totally covered by the dust!

Friday stress day!

Finally, we had the list out of the fundi! What a man! He was so detailed and willing to help! We can learn a lot by him so we suggested to work with him to his project to get some knowledge! But the bad news hit a little bit later as we had realized that we miss almost 2.000 euros in order to build the house. Decisions need to be made. Shall we stick to our idea? Shall we propose a new design to the family? Where can we find the funds? One is for sure, we need to talk with the family. Maybe next week, the local fundi and our friend Soida can give us some answers.

Weekend – West Pokot trip!

On the weekend, all of the teams visited West Pokot in order to relax and spend some time all together! It was also a nice opportunity to celebrate Andy’s birthday! West Pokot considers to be one of the most traditional areas! You can find people to get dressed in a traditional way, huge families with 6 & 7 wives! The landscape is also totally different! Seemed more like desert, we also saw some camels! The place we stayed was located by a river where we had the chance to swim and the houses were traditionally built. We had some nice meals and on Saturday traditional Pokot dancers showed us some local dancing. A lovely weekend has passed.

On Monday, we will continue working on the project and also we will visit the local fundi in order to help them with the construction of their house and to get some knowledge!

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Till next week,


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