Let's welcome Maud to our family and to Team 2

Dear Rural Housing Studio,

Unfortunately, we recently had to say farewell to one of our participating students. Since then the Rural Housing Studio team has been busy to find a replacement. We are unbelievably happy to announce that our lost family member has agreed to come back to empower Team 2 to help finish their project. Maud, I speak for the whole team that we are grateful and happy to welcome you back to the project this Sunday. Below a short message of Maud and a brief reintroduction!

Cheers to the forces of faith for giving me a second chance in the adventures of the Rural housing studio!

Dear readers,

A few months ago I already introduced myself, however last minute I decided to stay in the Netherlands for all the good reasons.

Fortunately Michiel found a replacement for me. Sadly, ths didn't work out. So here I am again. The 15th of October I will fly to Kitale to join the team.

I am looking forward to meet and finish the research with architect Jackson. Together we will form team number 2.

Why I wanted to go to Kenya?

I am looking forward to be challenged in different ways, what will improve my sight on thinking with which material you have and can use. Besides that I travelled to Kenya a few years ago. I am in love with the people, the culture and nature of the country. All this experience has gotten me to where I am today.

I am eager to new challenges and ways to improve myself. I am ready to learn and I would be very grateful for finishing this project with a great result and a happy family. Moreover, the opportunity of this project abroad in Kenya will provide me with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and multicultural perspective.

With love, Maud van Dijck

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