#Week 7 l Team 4: The exploration continues!

This week was so busy! We continue on researching all the possible materials and prices in order to start taking decisions upon the drawings! On Monday, we started the day with a fun and bumpy trip to Kapkoi with Victor our boda boda driver/translator to check out the prices of baked soil bricks. We even bought two bricks! After that we went to Michiel and Beata to discuss our progress and upcoming steps. After that we collected our soil samples and analyzed them. The whole process was such a nice and fun game and made us feel like kids!

On Tuesday, we decided to have a look around the Mt. Elgon trust to check different building methods and materials. We studied the process of making cement bricks and we focused on different bricks, because our family really wants a brick house. Since we had already proposed a type of house to the family, the whole process was quite helpful in order to calculate the costs of different types of materials that we can use in order to build the house.

On Wednesday, we started our day with a swim at the dam and a few hours of work in the amazing environment. After that the work continued at the office. We met Icarus after his work to go to the Habitat of the trust and talk with the community about their houses, because these houses are built with interlocking pressed soil bricks. It is a very interesting method, are we going to use it? We have a lot of options to choose from.

Thursday, what a long office day! A clean office works better than a messy office. We started cracking our creative minds to set up a 3D model of the house, we also looked for sponsors and arranged a trip to Bongoma (the hometown of Icarus and Christina’s clan/family). We ended the day with some drinks at Andy’s, a nice evening. We planned a trip to Pokot for next weekend, because we have lots of birthday’s during October.

Friday - Bongoma day!

First, we took the Matatu to Kitale where we bought some sugar and Caj (tea) for the family of Icarus, then we took another Matatu to Bongoma. After a three hour ride we finally arrived in Bongoma city. After a walk of a half an hour we arrived on the Clan’s land. Wow! The people of Bongoma use some impressive techniques to build houses and the rock houses look amazing! We met with the family of Icarus and had nice trip around the area and a massive lunch! After the lunch we explained the family of Icarus that we are going to build his house. We left to go home after a good chat. We took the Matatu to Kitale. In Kitale we had to change the Matatu, but the new Matatu had a flat tire so we had to change Matatu’s again. And we were set to go. After a really long day we finally arrived home safely.

On Saturday, we were supposed to visit Kakamenga, a place where we can learn a lot about interlocking bricks. Plans have slightly changed though and we had to reschedule it. So, we decided to organize all our information of materials and methods. Then we met Michiel and Beata and updated them on our progress.

Sun – day off!

Damian, Pelle and Atdhe started their day of with a visit to the Suam river/border, after that they went to Sokomjinga and Chepchoina market for some shopping. After that everybody met at the Dam to chillout a little bit and catch Tilapias for dinner. In the evening time some of us even went for a swim. At around 20.00 Pelle and Atdhe prepared the Tilapias with Belgian fries, it was a good dinner, just what everyone needed.

New adventurous will start next week!

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Till next week,


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