#Week 7 l Team 1: Weeks are becoming busier every time

We can’t wait to start building and giving some concrete results to the family. Anyway, before that we still have some more work to do. This week was full of activities on the field and hospital (where our office is). We also didn’t forget to have some fun from now and then.

We started the week by measuring the family compound, the water and electricity and all the places of importance of the neighborhood. After getting all the information and mapping everything around we also had the chance to go around the village, talk to people and see different typologies of buildings around. I can say that we are really into the people and this place. Getting to know more about the place, culture and materials they use for building it helped us to realize what we can design and build for our chosen family. We found ourselves quite curious about these different techniques they use to build with. Just to mention that the main material they use is soil and mostly every family get it from their own lands. We also traveled in villages around together with Musa, our father of the family, so we can compare and learn more about their common and differences in the ways of living, building techniques, skills and interest of the people.

As we told you some weeks ago about a friend of Musa, who promised us to donate some material for the house, we finally had the chance to travel to his place and met him in person. We rented a motorbike, or as people call it bodaboda, and together with Musa went to meet him. We had a great time together and also got some new information about how to make bricks and more. Unfortunately, we found out that there is only a small chance to get the material he promised in time.

By the end of the week we had the chance to do several soil tests around the family compound. We used different methods to do the testing and in some of them we already got many results. However, we are still waiting to get some more next days. We can’t wait of collecting all the results, which we hope it’s going to be during this week, and by that it means that we will have some ideas of how or what technique we will be able to use for building the house.

Sunday as always is our day off and where else would be better to spend it than to the dam, fishing and drinking beers with the whole team and friends. We came back home quite late where our greatest dog Tiger, and Fluffy, our cat, were waiting for us in front of the house, excited to see us and I guess waiting to have a dinner together. Tasty fishes were cooked by Pelle and Atdhe made Belgian fries.

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