#Week 6 l Team 4: Cutting down the maize

Monday 18 September l We started our week with some study and by preparing a drawing workshop for the family. After that we went to the family and explained the workshop to Icarus, Christina and the kids. The assignment was to draw a house they would like to live in and to do it separate from each other, without us. They had to do this themselves so we would not influence them and their ideas. We did this in order to get an insight on their wishes and needs. The children are very shy in interviews with us so this was a good way to get to know their wishes as well. We set a meeting for the next day to help Christina with the harvest of the maize.

Tuesday 19 September l We woke up early to get to the maize plot of Icarus and Christina to harvest the maize. What an amazing thing to do, grabbing a Panga machete and chopping down the maize. It is actually a therapeutic thing to do, not easy but fun. We got some blisters on our hands and feet as souvenir. By helping the family like this we showed them that we are willing to help them in any way possible. After the harvest we went home, took a shower, some rest and went to our office to analyze and map the new situation of the plot without the maize.

Wednesday 20 September l Finally Atdhe’s laptop arrived from the Netherlands, so after some updates Atdhe started emailing and coding. After a day in the office we went out to Boa’s Place (local market) and met with Lennon (works on a mill at boa’s place) and Icarus. We had a nice chat and Icarus invited us to the church service of Sunday.

Thursday 21 September l We started the morning relaxed, because of the death of Atdhe’s grandmother. In the afternoon we went to Michiel’s and Beata’s house to do some sedimentation tests of the different soil types in the area. Nice some experimenting and getting your hands dirty! We prepared the sedimentation tests, in order to study the soil the next day.

Friday 22 September l Finally, we could check the experiment and analyze the soil types, after a day the particles of sand, silt, clay and biomass set, so you can exactly see the content of the soil. After this, we went to the family through rain to have a dinner with them and to collect the drawings of the workshop we gave on Monday. Around 9 PM we took the boda boda back home, the road was wet and it was already nighttime, so the boda boda drive home was pretty scary.

Saturday 23 September l Saturday Kitale day, we took our day off with the other teams in order to go to Kitale, for some shopping and relaxing. The roads where still slippery because of yesterday’s rain, so the Matatu (the local bus) was slipping all the way to Kitale. The driving with Matatu was such a crazy experience! 15 people in a space for 7! At Kitale, we had a nice lunch in Megabytes restaurant and after that we had a drink in the Kitale Skybar, nice view up there!

Sunday 24 September l Sunday was a working day and church day! Until we got a message from Icarus, that the elders do not accept strangers into the church….. So we had to fill in our day differently. We supposed to be in church from 10 AM up to 3 PM. So we now had some free time to go to the dam and relax a little with the other groups. After relaxing we went to the office to continue working and prepare the delivery. Such a progress! Our first results and sketches were done!

Till next week! Yours, TEAM IV

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